Monday, 4 February 2013

Alfa art thou, Romeo

So, thanks to the unerring forensic probings of modern archaeology, we now know that 
Richard III was actually a hatch-back.  My guess is that Will knew this all along, and was betrayed by a smudge of sack in the Second Folio (truly, my friends, which one of us hasn't been?).

Yes, it's a slow news day here at the Blogbook Editorial complex (an eerie, uncountably-levelled glass, steel and bicycle structure co-designed by Gaudi and Frank-Lloyd Wright, which is situated in an upmarket yet bohemian district of my mind), so what better pretext than to wheel out (Boom-tish!) some alternative Shakespearean characters who ought to have been found in car parks. I hope they provide a diversion (see previous sound effect).




Pericles (Prince of Tyre)

Parking Lear, (or Richard or John, etc...)

Henry Two-door

and, if we were to extend this already flimsy concept to titles and lines from the Bardic quill:

Gas You Like it

Out, blind spot

'Is this a Jaguar I see before me....'

'.....Come, let me clutch thee.'

I'll try and grow up before the next post.

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