Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Excruciating and Indispensable Literature and Publishing Dictionary

In this post I release tantalising snippets of an illustrated reference work which will, like a verbal machete, clear a path through the menacing thickets of literary and publishing jargon. Blogees are respectfully invited to contribute to this tome via the facility of the Comment button, located directly south of the entries.

BARCODE  :  A cryptic communication system employed by sheep.

COUPLET   : A small couple i.e. one or fewer people.

EPIGRAPH  : A visual representation of contentment.

EPILOGUE  :A delirious remnant of tree.

IAMBIC    : The introductory phrase commonly employed by a person who
                                        believes they are a biro.

MIMESIS    : An exclamation of ownership from a possessor of mice.

SATIRE     : Occupied a chair in a loftier position.

SEQUEL     : Endeavour to locate a document listing bequests.

VILLLANELLE: A nefarious female person.

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