Thursday, 18 October 2012

No cat was harmed in the making of this blog

Recently my wife and I discovered what happens when an already eccentric cat enters her grand dotage and acquires even more interesting curlicues on her mental architecture. One manifestation of this is her inability to resist a newly-available space, even be it that of a temporarily-opened cupboard door, let alone a whole area of bookshelf which was exposed when we undertook a long-overdue rearrangement, rationalisation and purging of our books (inspired, naturally by The Coalition, blessed be its name).  While we were gently bickering over which classification system to use, Sally decided: 'I am book' and (as you will see from the lower photograph) the identity had a certain soothing influence on her.

But what book, we thought, or kind of publication is she.  This is a small sample of the possibilities

A catalogue
A catlas
The Thoughts of Chairman Meow
A Furry Tale (or Tail, for that matter)
A Tail of One Kitty
Puss in Books
The Right Fluff
Dante's Purrgatory
The Whisker Trilogy


Your suggestions eagerly awaited.

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