Friday, 30 November 2012

The Re-Extended Excruciating and Indispensable Literature and Publishing Dictionary

Due to no kind of demand whatsoever, the third installment of my reference work, already hailed as having three parts so far, can now be revealed to an undeserving world.

CANTICLE:        Is not unable to stimulate sensitive bodily areas.

EROTIC FICTION:  'It was great for me too, darling'.

FOLIO:           A pastiche lion.

EXPOSITION:      Where something was.

FABLE:           An other-worldly bovine.

FREE VERSE:      A shoplifter's poetry collection.

KINDLE:          A reading accessory deployed by a South African during a        
                                              power cut.

SEMANTICS:        More than one jolly jape, or wheeze.

TEEN FICTION:    'It will be a supervised party, with no alocohol.'

Beware of the next exciting episode....

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