Monday, 12 November 2012

The Extended Excruciating and Indispensable Literature and Publishing Dictionary

Those humble and assiduous lexicographers, toiling away in the soily murk of word-root and phrase-stem, immune to discomfort and hardship, have just delivered a new cart of entries for the The Excruciating and Indispensable Literature and Publishing Dictionary.  It is my duty to share them with you.

ANTICLIMAX:      a specialised hatchet which assists in the process of          

DIALOGUE:        a truly awful tree remnant.

DIRECT SPEECH:   a Welshman sabotaged some oratory.

MOTIF:           additional dentures.

PHONETIC:        an instruction to contact the loft.

PREQUEL:         the age of very early writing instruments.

PROLOGUE:        in favour of a tree remnant (regardless whether or not it is  
                                               truly awful: see dialogue).
SEQUEL:          a writing instrument deployed on board ship (compare

It may be untrue to say that more will not follow.

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