Monday, 6 May 2013


Another imaginary poetry anthology (see Write to Reply) comprises a series of definitions of literary genres and themes in limerick form.  This is a similar but humbler path to that already lain by the frighteningly talented Martin Rowson in his Limerickiad books.  For some reason, the only two entries I have so far constructed pertain to crime, but more may follow later.  If so, the Land of Blog will be among the first to know.  Watch this space, by the way for a Proper Grown-up Book Review of the excellent Physician of Sanlucar, a tale of colonialism, love, flight and sexual disease in Patagonia.  I think this has also been a prog rock concept album.

The Traditional English Village Murder

The scene is quite bloody and grim,
And clues are confusing and slim;
That apparently meek
And retiring geek
Who won't hurt a fly? It was him!

Crime Noir (Nordic and otherwise)

The hero's divorce is a bitch
And his cravings are making him itch.
In a plotline whose forking
Would stump Stephen Hawking,
The shot and garroted will twitch.

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