Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Balancing the books

There is a widespread assumption that the world of Letters and Arts is exclusively populated by raving, left-of-centre liberal progressives who will launch into a polemic about neo-fascist government policies at the drop of a stylish beret, probably because they are insulated from the harsh realities of the world by not having to do proper jobs.  As a counterblast to this view, and to prove that we in Bookland are as capable as any decent Briton of recognising the need for frugality and economic good sense during a period when the economy (thanks to a few Bolshevite ne'er do wells having snuck into government while no-one was looking) is taking more dips than a swimming addict, I present my Reduced Classics Canon, in which the previous extravagances of some literary products are suitably curtailed.  Without further ado, may I recommend:

The Reasonably Tolerable Lightness of Being

The Kitten, the Conjuror and the Bedside Table

A History of Neasden in 10 and a half Chapters

More than a few of the President's Men

The Acting Assistant Administrator of the Flies


....and anything by Paul Austerity, naturally.

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