Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Some I prepared earlier

In the spirit of newness and resolve that stalks abroad at this time of year, I thought I would post some of my own home-knitted verse today.  Having pontificated here and there on the nature and quality of great writing that doesn't reach the right-hand margin, I would not presume to attach the label 'poetry' to what lies below; but, despite their limited intention being to raise a chuckle or at least a wry smirk, these artefacts are solidly-fashioned, with reliable joints, and they're guaranteed not to leak even after repeated use.


Strong Words

Satirists work hard
In the literary gym
Pumping irony.

Heard on The Shipping Forecast

This complex system
Losing its identity
Moving to the North.

While Stocks Last

The price of Freedom,
Once eternal vigilance,
Now! Ten pounds fifty.


Is life far too short
For psuedo-Oriental
Syllable juggling?


Bawled Adam to Eve: 'I’m beguiled.
With sorrow my psyche is piled.
In a flash of despair
I have just grown aware
That I never shall have been a child.'

An angel who’s mired within
Debauchery, Evil and Sin.
Proclaims with a wince –
'I’ve been this way since
I fell off the edge of that pin.'

Said God to an archangel – 'Gosh!
Your blueprint for Hell’s utter tosh.'
So He did something weird
With the end of his beard
And invented Hieronymus Bosch.

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