Sunday, 17 March 2013

The gratutitous sequel to The Re-Extended Excruciating and Indispensable Literature and Publishing Dictionary

A rudimentary Meaning Collider that I had set up in our front room, comprising an inordinately large number of smarties tubes and some specially modified bellows, produced the following batch of interstitial trans-dimensional definitions:

Antithesis:                  Disinclined to work on post-graduate writing

Haiku:                        The sound emitted by a dove full of cocaine

Hexameter:               An unpaid witch or warlock

Literary Prize:           Hilary Mantel

Metaphor:                 The reason you rendezvoused with the lady

Perfect Binding:       Any one of a number of episodes in Fifty Shades of Grey**

Plot development:    Gardening

Luckily, before any more such output could manifest itself, the entire apparatus was consumed by a particularly ravenous Higgs-Boson that had run away from CERN.

**So I am informed.

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