Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Monster mash-up

Today, while herding back a few children's books which had been making a break for Mind, Body Spirit, (at The Bookshop, Welwyn Garden City), I noticed a cunningly-titled series; Vampirates.  See what they did there?  This naturally led me to wonder what other supernatural tribes could be thrust into a blender and mixed with various cultural elements, and what the results might be.

The leading contenders are:

Frankensteinway: a blood-curdling gothic tale of a deranged piano-manufacturer, who creates a monstrous instrument, comprising the crudely-joined parts of several dead pianos.  His monstrous progeny will only play pieces by Boris Carl Orff, Benjamin Bitten, Clawed Debussy, etc....

Shaman Andrews: the eerie adventures of a much-loved TV presenter with mystical powers, best known for hosting the series on reincarnation; Those Were Your Lives.

Zombieatitudes:  this mystical tome contains the eight sacred blessings of the Zombie race, held by many to be among the finest pieces of Undead scripture in their elegance and simplicity.  They include 'Blessed be they who they who hunger and thirst for brains: for they will be satisfied'.

This has to be a relatively short blog, as I head now to our Christmas meal, where we will, after a few tumblers of vintage Chianti, discuss the semiotic subtext of Thomas the Tank Engine.  We are such crazy guys.

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